if i convert from mp3 to wav do i get higher quality

The short answer is NO.

The mp3 converter throws away some audio information, while converting, and once it did it, there is no way to rebuild that information (this is called a "lossy compression scheme").

So if you convert from MP3 to Wav you get a bigger file, but with the same quality of the MP3 file.

Sometimes one can be misleeded by the fact that if you convert from CD to Wav and the same track from CD to MP3 and then to Wav, the resulting Wav files are roughly the same size, so one can think that they are have the same quality, but they have not! They have the same size because in WAV files the lenght depends on the length in seconds of the audio it contains (providing you use the same sampling rate and sample size), and it is not related to the actual quality (as it is in MP3 files), but if you listend them (or better if you compare them with an oscilloscope) you see that they are different and that the one got from the MP3 file has a lower definition.