wma to mp3

A WMA file is a file compressed with the Microsoft patented audio compression scheme.
WMA is basically a lossy compression scheme so my personal advice is to avoid to convert a WMA files to MP3 because of the quality loss. The better way is to find the original audio source (the audio CD) and convert tracks from it.

If you can't do that, then you can use a WMA to MP3 converter. My favourite one is FreeRIP, it can convert many type of audio files, and it can convert WMA to MP3 as well.

It can happen that source WMA file is copy protected by a DRM technology. In this case it is not possible to convert it to MP3.

Anyway there is a workaround (but remember: you could be breaching the law using this workaround, so it's better you read carefully the license of the WMA files at their publisher). The workaround is pretty easy: use the software that can read and play that WMA track to burn it to a AUDIO CD, and then use a CD Ripper to extract those tracks to MP3.