mp3 converter

Many are asking about which is the best MP3 converter.

Well, it depends on what you mean with the word "best".

In my opinion the word "best" means that offers an easy to use interface, a rock solid reliability and simply does well the conversion work. As many already know, my favourite ripper and MP3 converter is FreeRIP MP3, a software that offers all the features you need for MP3 conversion tasks. Download FreeRIP MP3 Converter here.

FreeRIP has three operation modes: Ripper, Converter and MP3 Tagger.

In Ripper mode FreeRIP can convert your Audio CD to audio files on your PC hard drive. This means that you can simply put a music CD in the PC drive, start FreeRIP and use it to convert CD tracks to MP3 files, or Ogg files, or Flac files.

In Converter mode FreeRIP allows you to operate a number of audio format conversion, like converting audio files from MP3 to Ogg, or Flac to MP3, or WMA to MP3 and so on.

In MP3 Tagger mode FreeRIP allows you to edit MP3 audio files metadata. FreeRIP supports a wide number of metadata (as defined in ID3V2 standard).